Home Introduction Description
  1. What is Home Wi-Fi?

    To connect to the Internet via Wireless LAN without the use of a physical network cable. You will be able to transmit data whenever a wireless signal is available at home.

    • Advantages of CHT's Home Wi-Fi service
      • Wi-Fi does not suffer from the limitations of wired networks. Wherever Wi-Fi signals are able to reach in your home, you can use your mobile device to access and surf the Internet.
      • CHT's Wi-Fi Internet access service offers high quality and stable speeds. It is not limited to only one user. Members of your family, your friends and other mobile internet devices can also simultaneously share your Wi-Fi signals at home to access the Internet.
      • CHT's installation technician will help you configure SSID (Wi-Fi network identification) and the password for the WPA-PSK key. Customers do not have to worry about information security or their wireless networks being used by others without permission.
    • Connection equipment
      • CHT employs Modem with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to provide wireless Internet access service. The wireless power is sufficient, and the unit is equipped with an antenna and can be rotated according to the installation location in order to improve the quality of connection. Customers do not require to purchase any APs for wireless Internet access.
    • Suitable environments
      • The signals of CHT's Wi-Fi home service should be able to cover the area where home space is less than 165 square meters and computers or smartphones are most likely less than two walls away from the AP.(however, the actual coverage depends on the location and environment in which the equipment is installed).
      • AP equipment should be installed at the central part or high location of the desired signal coverage area. Avoid placing the AP at a location where it may be obstructed or where they are sources of radio frequency interference (e.g. in the vicinity of a microwave oven, a power outlet that other devices share, or in proximity to other wireless networks).
    • Internet access devices
      • Wi-Fi-certified mobile internet devices, such as: laptops, smartphones (e.g. iPhone), tablet PCs (e.g. iPad), game consoles and handheld devices (e.g. PSP) and music players (e.g. iPod Touch) can be used to connect to CHT's Wi-Fi home service for Internet access.

  2. What is Public Wi-Fi?
    • Transmitting data with wireless signals via a Wireless LAN at Hotspot, without the need of a physical network cable. When customers use Wi-Fi-certified mobile Internet devices (e.g. smartphones, tablet PCs and laptop computers) to connect to the Internet, they are not restricted by the requirements of physical network cables, which improves both mobility and convenience. As a result users' productivity can be significantly enhanced The space covered by CHT's Hotspot can be used as a place of work, study or online entertainment.
    • CHT Wi-Fi is an Internet access service provided by Chunghwa Telecom in public areas (over 50,000 Hotspot that include major convenience stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, tourist attractions and demonstration sites of the Industrial Development Bureau; otherwise known as "Hotspots"), where Wi-Fi equipment are installed to allow broadband wireless connections by users to access the Internet.

    ※ Searching for CHT Wi-Fi Hotspots: Visit https://wifi.hinet.net/ >> Select "Location"

    • CHT Wi-Fi employs the 802.11 standard communications protocol, which allows data to be transmitted via wireless signals. Refer to the following network configuration diagram:
      ※ Customers use mobile Internet devices to connect to the Internet via a Wireless LAN Access Point (AP) located at the Hotspot.


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