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Step-by-step Procedure

  1. To enjoy CHT Wi-Fi Internet access: First configure your network access equipment before logging in to the system for Internet service:
    • Four-step configuration procedure:
    • Two-step login procedure:
  2. How to use CHT Wi-Fi service
    • CPE(Customer Premise Equipment) requirements: Wi-Fi-certified mobile Internet devices, such as: Laptop computers, tablet PCs and smartphones. Connect to the CHT Wi-Fi (HiNet) network while the strength of the wireless signal is satisfactory.
    • Open your favorite browser (e.g. IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera), then enter any web address, and the CHT Wi-Fi authentication screen will be shown automatically. Select the appropriate wireless access option according to your user type. Refer to the instructions that apply to your user type for more information.
    • Tap the "Logout" button on the CHT Wi-Fi logout screen if you wish to disconnect from the Internet; or you can enter the web address https://88.wifi/ in the address bar to disconnect the service.
    • If you turn off your mobile device without first logging out from the network, the system will disconnect the service automatically after 10 minutes.
      • If you are a Chunghwa Telecom customer, please rest assured that this portion of the service charge will not be included in your bill.
      • If you are not a Chunghwa Telecom customer, please consult the service rate descriptions from your service provider.

CHT Wi-Fi Prepaid Card / HiNet>>TOP

CHT Wi-Fi Prepaid Card:

  1. Please activate your CHT Wi-Fi Prepaid Card before use. Select [Card Activation]. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the card.
  2. Please Select “Prepaid Card/HiNet” label, enter “Prepaid Card ID” and “Password”, then tap “Login”.


  • Please select “Prepaid Card/HiNet” label, enter your “HiNet Username” and “Password”, then tap “Login”.


Select “Roaming” label, and select the roamers from the drop-down men, then enter your “Username” and “Password”, then tap “Login”.

CHT Mobile/ CHT Member/ SMS Validation>>TOP

    CHT mobile customer, please enter your phone number and password, or dial 735 to get the SMS code as password.

    Please enter your CHT member’s ID and password.

    【Forgot your password rescue steps】

24-hour toll-free service hotlines (Service information: 0800-080123; Service disruption complaint: 0800-080128)
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