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Q1: I've turned on the computer and opened the web browser, but I can't see the login page. What's wrong?

The computer has not been properly connected to wireless network. The following are the possible causes:

  1. The wireless network card has not been properly installed on the computer.
  2. The computer is not located in an area covered by the wireless network signal.

    Please move to a different location that is covered by the Hotspot. Users may take advantage of the indicator lights on the network card or the associated vendor’s applications.

  3. The SSID configured on the wireless network card is incorrect: Set the SSID to the "CHT Wi-Fi (HiNet)".
  4. DHCP (which automatically fetches an IP address) is not configured correctly on the computer or the network is malfunctioning and the service has been suspended.

Q2: If I am unable to connect "CHT Wi-Fi" service at a CHT’s Hotspot, what should I do?

Please contact the service counter at the Hotspot (ex. Hotel, Meeting Center). If service counter is unavailable, please dial 0800-080-128 for assistance.

Q3: What happens when I execute the command "ping" from the command prompt?

If the response is "Reply from bytes=32 time=100ms TTL=253," then network connection is set up correctly. If the response is "Request timed out," it indicates that HiNet is unreachable. Please dial 0800-080-128 to report service disruption.

Q4: What happens when I execute the command "ping www.hinet.net"?

If the response is "Reply from bytes=32 time=100ms TTL=253" then DNS settings are correct. If the response is "Request timed out," then the DNS configuration on the network card is incorrect. Please make sure if the DNS settings are configured correctly.

Q5: What should I do if the id / password is incorrect, or if the message "already logged on" is displayed?

A possible cause is abnormal disconnection. Please call 0800-080-128 for assistance.


24-hour toll-free service hotlines (Service information: 0800-080123; Service disruption complaint: 0800-080128)
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