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Q1: What is "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Card" Service?

  1. Chunghwa Telecom's Wi-Fi prepaid cards provide customers with short-term Internet access needs. Customers who have purchased our prepaid cards will be able to connect to HiNet for various Internet application services within the specified period of time.
  2. There are three kinds of Wi-Fi prepaid cards: With the 1-day card, users can access the Internet for 24 hours from the time the card is first used. The 3-day and 7-day cards provide access to the Internet for 72 and 168 hours, respectively.

Q2: What are the service options for "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Card"?

There are also two types of Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi prepaid cards: physical and virtual cards. Physical cards are sold by the Company's service centers and by vendors providing the venue for Hotspot access. Virtual cards are available at the three major convenience store chains, where customers obtain the service by operating the kiosk sales machines.

Q3: Where can I purchase Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi prepaid cards?

The Wi-Fi prepaid cards can be purchased at the following locations:

  1. "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Cards"(Physical Cards) will be available for purchase at the Company's service centers.
  2. Prepaidl cards will be sold by some vendors providing the venues for Hotspot access and through convenience stores. The actual locations where the cards are sold are announced at CHT Wi-Fi website.

Q4: What are the service rates for "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Card"?

Three service rates, which correspond to three different durations of access, are available to customers:

  1. 1-day Pass: Price: NT$99. The card is valid for 24 hours starting from the time the card is first used to connect to the Internet.
  2. 3-day Pass: Price: NT$199. The card is valid for 72 hours starting from the time the card is first used to connect to the Internet.
  3. 7-day Pass: Price: NT$299. The card is valid for 168 hours starting from the time the card is first used to connect to the Internet.

Q5: Can I request a refund if the "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Card" that I have purchased is defective or for any other reasons?

Due to the large number of distribution channels for our prepaid cards, customers who wish to refund Should bring their receipts (or invoices) along with the prepaid cards (with silver paint intact) back to the original locations where they bought the prepaid cards.

Q6: What do I do if I have questions about how "Chunghwa Telecom Wi-Fi Prepaid Card" Service is used or have encountered a problem using the service?

Please inquire at your local Chunghwa Telecom Service Center, or call the toll-free customer service number at 0800-080128.

Q7: How do I activate my Wi-Fi prepaid card (1/3/7-day card)?

Due to information security considerations, the Wi-Fi prepaid cards must first be activated before they can be used.

  1. Visit the official Wi-Fi website at https://wifi.hinet.net/ → Select "Prepaid Card Activation"; or select “Activation” on the CHT Wi-Fi Prepaid Card authentication screen.
  2. Scratch off the silver paint on the prepaid card → Enter the user ID and password on the card and your mobile phone number (if your mobile number is not issued by a Taiwanese operator, you must enter the + sign, followed by your Country Calling Code and your phone number) → Press "Get Authentication Code by SMS" to receive the authentication code → Enter the authentication code and press "OK".
  3. Use Internet terminal device to connect to CHT Wi-Fi (HiNet) at Hotspot and open the browser. The CHT Wi-Fi Activation screen will show up. Select Login CHT Wi-FiPrepaid Card→ Enter the user ID and password contained on the card.

24-hour toll-free service hotlines (Service information: 0800-080123; Service disruption complaint: 0800-080128)
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